From left to right: Sara Haapala, Minna Pesonen, Mervi Ylitalo, Alex Stevenson and Tuuli Oksanen.

Free webinar 27/9: Basic Skills – new ideas from Finland

Looking for new ideas in adult education and basic skills acquisition? Finnish European Social Fund projects have found many new solutions in the last three years, and now we wish to share them with you.

Join the Basic Skills – new ideas from Finland webinar on 27/9 at 12:30 CET and learn more! You will also hear about how the European Basic Skills Network improves life for adult learners and educators.


Models for employees and educators to support learners’ digital skills
Tuuli Oksanen, Development Coordinator, TAKK – Tampere Adult Education Centre

New tools for overcoming learning difficulties at the workplace
Mervi Ylitalo, Project Leader, TSL – Workers’ Educational Association

Digital skills, peer learning and migrants – the Path to Work model
Minna Pesonen, Specialist, Sivis Study Centre

New Open Learning Spaces for adults with learning difficulties
Sara Haapala, Specialist, National Diverse Learners Organisation

The European Basic Skills Network, commentary
Alex Stevenson, Head of English, Maths and ESOL at Learning and Work Institute, UK


Register here before 21/9:

We will send you the link to the webinar room later. If you have any questions, please contact Marion Fields (marion.fields [at]


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